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Legislation in Australia means we all have to ensure our transport operations are compliant. To make this process easier, you need business software that connects to your transport partners. There are a lot of software options claiming a solution, but their functions are limited, leaving your compliance limited and you exposed.

CoRGuard is the ideal compliance software solution. Collect all information in one place, induct your partners, train your people, maintain your documents, keep track of your fleet and assess your risks. 

Use our compliance partners to support your goals.

Most CoRGuard users take advantage of our partners, MAEZ to assist and support their ongoing compliance.

Apple & Android apps to connect your people.

Updated along with our software, our engineers continuously work hard to maintain the link from CoRGuard to your people.



Quickly report on key compliance information to ensure worker performance.


Workers can upload driver diaries, pre-start vehicles and share data at a click.


Share & secure your key documents with peers & keep them up to date with reminders.


Induct your vendors and have themsign off on your agreements electronically.


Interact with online on-demand training to ensure your workers understand their risks 24/7.

Compliance is the law.

CoRGuard does the Heavy Lifting

Simplify contractor and worker management at a click.

No longer will you need Excel spreadsheets and paper-driven processes when working with employees or contractors.

The CoRGuard App will send data from your workers directly into CoRGuard and everything is recorded, giving you peace of mind.

Critical Features

Fatigue Management

Use CoRGuard to easily track your workers driver diary entries.

Vehicle Pre-Start Management

Use CoRGuard to seamlessly integrate pre-start data from your drivers hand held device.

Driver Document Management

No more documents to remember or track to ensure they stay up to date, CoRGuard does that for you.

Incident Reporting

Risk and rate all accidents and incidents through CoRGuard and easily make the system use friendly with the abundant dynamic options available.

Non-Conformance Logging

Track all Non-Conformances through CoRGuard and send them directly to your workers hand held device for their feedback and corrective action.

Hazard Reporting

Allow your workers to input hazards as they occur in your business through CoRGuard and track corrective action tasks.

Contractor Management

Use CoRGuard to docusign your critical agreements with your contractors remotely and allow the system to work for you.

Worker Management

Keep a track of all workers, their critical information and track their individual input with ease.

Automated Induction Workflow

Integrate your multi step induction programs with CoRGuard and seamlessly induct your contractors completely paperless.

Automated Dynamic Certificate Tracking

Track any document that is important to your business, for any worker or contractor & let CoRGuard automatically remind them when it needs updating.

Automated License Management

No more spreadsheet to track your license data and update requirements, and easily integrate the licenses important for your business.

Automated Mandatory Contractor Enquiry

Automatically send out to your contractors and workers custom questions, that enable them to keep you up to date with critical safety data.

Compliance Reporting

Use the reporting function in CoRGuard to track user input and critical information to maintain your compliance.

Electronic Compliance

CoRGuard was built for a purpose.

CoRGuard has been designed to meet the Heavy Vehicle National Law head-on. It is too easy for other parties to hold you responsible for their actions. CoRGuard was built so that you no longer have to concern yourself with the liability that others can cause you. 

Using CoRGuard system tools will ensure that you are doing everything you can to prevent your business from becoming liable in the next public event that someone else has caused. No longer do you have to fear the repercussions of someone else.

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